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Before you send an email to an ATE chair or officer, please review the following FAQs.

  1. How does my college award CTEs?
    Answer: Colleges have their own guidelines for determining CTEs; the ATE does not participate in this process. Contact your college rep for more details.
  2. I've won a CTE from my college! What do I do now?
    Answer: If your CTE has been awarded in the past three years (or four years if you elect to defer for one year), you are eligible to submit your dossier for an Alumni Teaching Award (two are given each year). You will receive your certificate from the Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning around the middle of March.
  3. I've been nominated by my college for a Wine Award. What do I do now?
    Answer: You are eligible to submit your dossier to Wine Award Committee. Contact the chair of the Wine Award Committee for details.
  4. What are the deadlines for the ATE awards?
    Answer: See deadlines.
  5. The dossier guidelines are confusing. Where can I get more information?
    Answer: The ATE coordinates dossier workshops every year. The workshop will be offered via Zoom and a recording of it made available. See calendar.
  6. I won a Diggs award! Am I eligible for an ATE award?
    Answer: The Diggs Teaching Scholars Awards are not part of the ATE. Consequently, your receipt of a Diggs award does not impact your eligibility for an ATE award.