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Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning

Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning

Our team partners with faculty and instructors to support the design, development, and implementation of learner-centered instruction.

Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning, Undergraduate Academic Affairs, Virginia Tech

Classroom Assessment Techniques (PDF)
Classroom assessment techniques are activities that can be used for both faculty and students to gather information on the learning process. They are generally simple activities that can provide useful formative information and feedback.

Integrating Learning Pauses into Your Lectures (PDF)
The term learning pause refers to pausing the lecture (or, more specifically, the instructor’s time directly expositing content) to incorporate active learning activities that focus on students processing the information from the lecture.

Interactive Lecturing (PDF)
Lecturing can be one of the most effective ways to deliver large amounts of content to a variety of class sizes. To contribute to higher levels of student success, incorporating strategies to make lectures more interactive is a way to engage students in the learning process.

Supporting Virginia Tech faculty

We offer an array of confidential, customized services to meet faculty needs, from consulting to workshops to certificates to annual conferences.

Creating Syllabi: Tips, Statements, and Samples

Syllabus checklist and links

Spring 2024 Instructional Grant Proposals

Instructional grant proposals for spring 2024 projects are due on October 15.

Register for Fall Teaching Workshops


Join colleagues to engage with topics ranging from How Humans Learn to effective designs for grading. Both online and in-person workshops are offered.

CIRTL Cross-Network Fall Programs

The Center for the Integration of Reseach, Teaching and Learning (CIRTL) offers workshops and courses throughout the fall semester.

Excellence in Teaching Award

James Schmidley is the most recent recipient of the Excellence in Teaching Award from the Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning at Virginia Tech


Programs to support research-based teaching and learning design and strategies.


Customized and confidential consulting services to support research-based teaching and learning design and strategies.

Grants & Awards

Multiple grants support effective instruction and scholarship of teaching and learning. Award programs recognize faculty excellence in teaching and learning.

Teaching as Research

The Center offers programs, services, and dissemination opportunities for the scholarly work of teaching and learning. 

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