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Syllabi and Learning Contracts

Virginia Tech Faculty Handbook

The Virginia Tech Faculty Handbook is managed by Faculty Affairs, and it provides relevant information regarding policies and expectations for course syllabi. Click below to access the handbook from the Faculty Affairs website.

Syllabus Checklist

A syllabus should detail the descriptive information regarding the course, the instructor’s policies, and expectations of students. Although syllabi take many forms and models, the following checklist provides some general information as to what should be included on your course syllabus.

Learning Contracts

A learning contract can help faculty set transparent expectations regarding student behavior in a course. Learning contracts clearly specify behaviors and habits for success and can promote student reflection on how they learn best. 

Thinking Through Your Instructional Technology Policy and Syllabus Information

Communicating expectations for how technology will be used - as well as what technology will be used - is important for any course, not only online course. This transparency helps lower frustrations on both the instructor’s and students’ end. This will vary based on instructional activities, and some items may be more on the behavioral management end than the technology end. Your policy and syllabus information will vary depending on the type of course you are teaching. However,  this guide lists some items you may want to consider, as applicable, when developing your policies and information.

Syllabus Tips and Sample Syllabus Statements

This resource contains example syllabus statements and policies organized by topic. You can adapt these statements for use in your own syllabi.