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Bridge Experience Reports

The Bridge Experience Program will launch Virginia Tech’s plan for all undergraduate students to learn experientially through place-based opportunities and to develop the knowledge, skills, and abilities for success in their future endeavors. This student learning initiative empowers disciplinary faculty to implement a bridge experience requirement connecting students’ disciplinary knowledge and skills to an experience aligned with their post-graduation goals using research-based learning processes.

Typical bridge experiences include undergraduate research, internships, and other place-based experiences. Students will take initiative to identify the right experience for their personal aspirations and goals, will be mentored as they learn, will reflect on their individual growth, and will showcase their learning. Virginia Tech’s goal is for 50% of undergraduate degrees to include a bridge experience requirement in five years.

Learning Outcomes

The Bridge Experience Program outcomes were informed by exemplary degree programs, institutional data, and educational literature. Successful program implementation will address increasing participation and learning quality for bridge experiences. Participation gaps will be addressed through curricular requirements creating inescapable opportunities. Students completing a bridge experience will be able to

  • Apply and connect their learning across academic and professional settings
  • Demonstrate professional self-awareness by articulating their personal and professional development
  • Demonstrate a dedication to using their knowledge, skills, and talents in service to others, communities, and their field