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Academy for Experiential Learning


The Academy for Experiential Learning in the Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning has been created as a society of Virginia Tech stakeholders organized to advance the development of enhanced degrees featuring bridge experiences for every graduate, ensuring issues of accessibility and accountability are a part of the process.  It is a learning space that brings together faculty, administrators, students, and industry partners committed to the experiential learning mission.  Members engage in informed, creative problem solving to frame and facilitate strategies, expectations, outcomes, and accountability for all experiential learning. 

Virginia Tech Bridge Experience Program

The goal of the Bridge Experience Program at Virginia Tech is to have every academic department create and offer degree-embedded, experiential learning opportunities as part of their curriculum in one or more of the following areas: undergraduate research, internships, service-learning, and/or study abroad.  These opportunities will provide students with the ability to apply their learning in authentic, real-world contexts to bridge the transition from undergraduate education to plans after graduation inclusive of career, professional school, and/or graduate school. 


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